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The Simpsons was the most honest show out there

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All of the guys participating in this are black. And these are the same guys who wonder “why do black girls always have an attitude? Why are they always mean?” Hmm, idk, maybe because they have to deal with this crap on a daily basis?

these are the people that ruin it for everyone else  tbh

so basically “besides that fat ass, there’s no reason to like black girls. my black mother that gave birth to me isn’t beautiful. if you’re a black girl and you can’t be fetishized then you’re useless” 

why do you feel a need to ruin a black girl’s day? on top of the double whammy of misogyny and racism we have to deal with in our lives. 

twitter once again being filled with ankh niggas and various degrees of coonery, news at 11

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Maaaan dawg….it’s been a minute since my last post. Many apologies, I’ve been having technical difficulties pretty much all year. BOOOO. My hard drive just broke with ALLLL my pics and music on it :,( And now my computer has started to give up on me as well. Still gotta keep it pushin tho. You things to make room for new things <3

On to the LOOK: Bruce Lee is poppin!!

Get my Bruce Lee Outfit from O-Mighty.com

Tank Top - http://o-mighty.com/products/150/all/3586

Booty Shorts - http://o-mighty.com/products/150/all/3585

My shoes are vintage 90’s Luichiny Platforms that I so luckily found on an etsy shop.

Flower crown from Forever 21

And the Bag is by J-Co Los Angeles

My new doggy Butters made an appearance….he’s such a little weirdo. I inherited him after my Granmother passed a couple of weeks ago. He’s my new baby!!

I may post up a few more pics from this day….I like yellow

Soooo this is what greatness looks like

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I just want one night

Where I can just drink and hang out without it having it turn into a fucking jam session. I am not a fucking caged bird. Sometimes I just want to party and relax without the pressure to sing. It’s getting old.

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hex girls from Scooby doo


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Reblogging this good news…again.

y’all know EXACTLY why this isn’t everywhere. don’t pretend to be oblivious

Well let’s spread the word then guys. This kid deserves all the attention.

"Ramarni, what will you do when you grow up?"

"Literally everything."

So excited when I hear stories like this because imagine what he will accomplish

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the f-word: a mix for fellow angry feminists (coverart inspired by)

01. flawless*** - beyonce, 02. bad girls - m.i.a, 03. hollaback girl - gwen stefani, 04. sex yeah - marina and the diamonds, 05. that’s not my name - the ting tings, 06. she’s a genius - jet, 07. can’t hold us down - christina aguilera and lil kim, 08. one girl revolution - superchick, 09. u + ur hand - p!nk, 10. i love it (i don’t care) - icona pop, 11. she can get it - kevin rudolf, 12. i don’t need a man - the pussycat dolls, 13. really don’t care - demi lovato, 14. salute - little mix

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the holy trinity (blame manna ymirsbian)

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I did something on MS Paint. 

Happy Birthday, Kou!

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modern au bubbline bye

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4 Year Old Foils Babysitter’s Robbery Plot - Video

Let’s just blame the black guy…

believe a little girl in 30 seconds but won’t believe the black man after 5 hours….lol ok.

Says a lot.

It really does. I think it’s wonderful that she told that truth however, this is a prime example of white privilege. At 4 years old, she actually had systematic power over the fate of a Black male. White privilege is a very real and impactful thing.

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